Schools: We have extensive experience in both public and private schools. We are experienced in both new construction and modernization. We are well experienced in Sustainable School Design. We completed 64 new school projects in the last ten years. We have over twenty years experience with DSA.

Our firm was rated second among the thirty-nine firms that were qualified to provide engineering services for The Existing Facilities Division of LAUSD in 2000.

We currently hold task order contracts with both the New and Existing Facilities Divisions of LAUSD. We have done extensive work for LAUSD, Burbank, Glendale, Encinitas, San Bernardino and Centralia School Districts.

We have been helping LAUSD in the development of sustainable policies and guidelines since 2000. We are thoroughly familiar with CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) Guidelines and Savings By Design Procedures. We also helped LAUSD in developing standardized specifications and design guidelines.

We are also experienced in classroom acoustics with regards to HVAC sound attenuation. We prepared an extensive management information study regarding the acoustical performance, energy efficiency and related cost of typical school HVAC systems for LAUSD in 2005. This report is posted on the LAUSD Facilities Website.

Our designs have been approved for Proposition 47 funds for the following schools for Outstanding Energy Efficiency:

1. Keppel Elementary School, Glendale USD
2. Muir Elementary School, Glendale USD
3. White Elementary School, Glendale USD
4. Toll Middle School, Glendale USD

We were involved in the following Savings by Design Award Winning Projects:

1. Pasadena Polytechnic School Ecology Classroom CWA (310)655-8890
2. Ramona Opportunity High School LHA (818) 246-6050
3. East Los Angeles High School # 2 Langdon Wilson (213) 250-1186

Miliken Community High School
Architects: Robbins & Bown,Inc, Leidenfrost/Horowitz & Associates
Telephone: (818) 246-6050

Burbank High School
Architects: Leidenfrost/Horowitz & Associates Telephone: (818) 246-6050

Valley New High School # 1 (CSUN High)
Architects: Leidenfrost/Horowitz & Associates
Telephone: (818) 246-6050

South Region Middle School #2
Architects: Tetra-IBI Group
Telephone: (213) 250-7440

Compton Community College
Math/Science Building Architects: Jenkin, Gales, Martinez, Inc.
Telephone: (310) 645-0561

Esteban Torres High School
East Los Angeles High School #2
Architects: Langdon Wilson Architects
Telephone: (213) 250-1186

Cal Lutheran Sports and Athletic Center
Architects: JDO Associates
Telephone: (818) 706-3997

Westridge School for Girls
New Sustainable Science Building for Girl
Architects: Pica + Sullivan Arch., Ltd
Telephone: (323) 653-7124

Ramona Opportunity High School
Architects: LHA/gkkworks
Telephone: (626) 666-6906

Lucille Roybal-Allard Elementary School
South Region ES #5

Architects: gkkworks
Telephone: (626) 666-2906

Walnut Park Middle School
South Region Middle School #3

Architects: Tetra-IBI Group
Telephone: (213) 250-7440

Harry Bridges Middle School
South Region Span K-8#1
Architects: LHA/gkkworks
Telephone: (626) 666-6906
Colleges and Universities:
We completed 12 community college projects in the last ten years in both new construction and modernization.

Other Educational Facilities:
1. UC Santa Barbara, DelaGuerre Center
2. Cal State Dominguez Hills
3. Los Angeles Valley College
4. Citrus College